Laboratory for Physics
on Bio-inspired Intelligent Systems


Our group is studying interdisciplinary research on DNA nanotechnology, artificial cell engineering, and molecular robotics based on experimental studies on bio soft matter physics, biophysics, biopolymer chemistry, and microfluidics combined with computer simulation study. More specifically, we study construction of artificial cells or artificial nuclei using DNA gels and DNA droplets; biophysical control of phase separation of biopolymers; soft matter physics of DNA, peptide, and emulsion; construction of DNA information device (molecular memory/storage, molecular computer, molecular robot) based on computational DNA sequence design; artificial cell engineering based on microfluidics. These studies are important for basic science of biophysics of higher-order molecular information systems such as DNA and chromatin, which are the essential part of biological information. Besides, these studies will be advantage for applied science to construct intelligent nanobio machines/computers that can be beyond the current biological functions.

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