For Admission of Foreign Students

To join our laboratory as a graduate school student, please take an entrance exam of one of the following departments in Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech):

  1. Graduate Major of Life Science and Technology, Department of Life Science and Technology, School of Life Science and Technology
  2. Graduate Major of Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science, School of Computing
  3. Graduate Major of Systems and Control Engineering, Department of Systems and Control Engineering, School of Engineering

Check the departments of Tokyo Tech. Also, check the admission information and the international graduate program (IGP). Please contact Prof. Takinoue for detail of the entrance exam.

YouTube video for the introduction of Tokyo Tech: here.

Keywords of research in our laboratory:

(Physical science) Biophysics, Nonlinear Nonequilibrium Science, Microfluidics, Soft Matter Science, Bionanotechnology, DNA nanotechnology, Molecular robotics, Molecular Computing (Biological science) Bionanotechnology, DNA nanotechnology, Synthetic Biology, Systems Biology, Molecular robotics (Chemical science) Biochemistry, Material Science, DNA nanotechnology, Molecular robotics (Engineering) System Science, Bio-Control Engineering, Micro Electric Mechanical System (MEMS), Microfluidics, microTAS, Molecular robotics (Computing science) Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Molecular Computing

Students who would like to study in our lab are strongly recommended to get any scholarships for their study in Japan (for example, Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship (see MEXT’s website and Tokyo Tech’s web site)) because we would like the students to focus on their study without concern for financial issues about their lives in Japan.