Open for submission: Special Issue “Recent Advances of Molecular Machines and Molecular Robots”, Micromachines, MDPI

Special Issue “Recent Advances of Molecular Machines and Molecular Robots”
Micromachines, MDPI

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Special Issue Information
Dear Colleagues,

“Recent Advances of Molecular Machines and Molecular Robots” is a highly interdisciplinary research field including material science, chemistry, biotechnology, biophysics, soft matter physics, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and computer science. Molecular machine engineering is based on motor protein science and supramolecular chemistry and is currently expanded to the development of dynamical molecular machinery. In addition, the research field of molecular robotics originates from DNA nanotechnology and DNA computing and has recently yielded results in the construction of dynamical molecular machinery by taking advantage of the characteristics of sequence-based programmable design. The interaction between these two fields will furthermore promote the development of nanometer- or micrometer-sized dynamical and programmable robotic systems equipped with molecular sensors and molecular intelligence. In this Special Issue, we would like you to contribute research papers, short communications, and review articles related to molecular machine engineering and molecular robotics from a wide range of research fields. By overviewing the recent advances in this field, we would like to ferment seeds of future applications such as medical microrobots, intelligent drug delivery systems, artificial cells/organelles, environmental nano/microsensor robots, agricultural nano/microrobots, and unconventional brain-like computers.

Guest Editor
Prof. Dr. Masahiro Takinoue
Department of Computer Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), Japan

Guest Editor
Prof. Dr. Ryuji Kawano
Department of Biotechnology and Life Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Japan